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WebHostian may seem like a new business to you?

The answer may surprise but yes and no.

We explain ourselves; WebHostian.com was created in 2021 after a strong demand from our customers to be hosted without a low-cost storage limit. Yes that’s mean we went Public.

But we operate since 2008 in the field of marketing, Seo, Branding creation and hosting our projects and clients on our private servers. That’s why we’re offering it now because many of the major companies have a bad tendency to gouge customers or are not transparent about the services and prices offered.

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WebHostian Uses Datacenters in 7 Geo-graphical locations:

Chicago & KansasCity (US)

Tuusula (Finland)

Paris (France)

Düsseldorf & Frankfurt (Germany)

Singapore (Asia)

Sydney (Australia)

Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Chrisinau (Moldova)

Moscow (Russia)

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

We are using direct colocation from SingleHop, QuadraNet, ColoCrossing, iWeb Inc and others. All of our locations ensures optimized routing worldwide with premium bandwidth. We also provide offshore hosting service from Russia, Maldova and Bulgaria as well.

Why Choose WebHostian – What Makes Us Different?

Our prices are just flat and competitive, with no hidden costs that you may find with many other service providers. We do not HIDE our real prices using some marketing techniques. Many hosting service firms are misleading. For instance, a firm, let us call it “Host A”, is advertising on their front page that their medium hosting plan is starting at $3.95 a month without any setup fee. But a careful examination reveals that you get the $3.95 a month deal only if you sign up for 2/3 years and pay the whole fee in advance. If you want to sign up monthly and pay monthly, then your payment is $7+ per month. Sometimes with a setup up fee of $50..!

We understand that like us, every entrepreneur looks at getting the best service at the most cost effective prices. Therefore, we try to provide exceptional quality web hosting and domain registration services to all our clients at unbelievable prices.

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