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Are you tired to promoting Sh*t products from Marketplaces like JvZoo, WarriorPlus, Digistore24, ClickBank and much more.

Wait, to be clear WE DON’T HAVE ANY PROBLEMS with these plaforms, We already use them all. We have problems with bunch of Garbages created by Third World countries and Dishonest hungry guys who cheating clients by buying ”Shared” web hosting plans on Name Cheap for 3 years. They creating custom panel to resell you Lifetime web hosting plans for $17 and try to UpSale you by spam mail every days with 100 different products. Even you try to Unsubscribe their friends have already your email and spam you again, again, and again.

They offering nice quanretee of 365 days, if you are not satisfied they will refund you. Yeah of course people working for FREE. Imagine you are a Marketer, you going to promote these products, get your commission after 15 or 30days, the client after 90days, 180days or even 364days ask a beautiful REFUND because he don’t love anymore this product. Can you examplain me how they doing exactly to making money, giving you 50% of commission and refunding all clients because they have more than 10% of Refunds.

Did you eever try to ask any refund to these guys? Because i did and is so hard to get your money back you need always to open paypal dispute waiting 30-60 days to get your money back, to proof them they have 30days money back quarentee.

All these guys working with lot of stolen or fake paypals and they transferts their money by friends and familly.

No one answer to support mails (i say NEVER). after 3 yrs all accounts are deleted because they took the money and stop to paying their hosting plan. Or better they suspend your account for stupid reason saying you don’t respect the TOS.

Some guys are so idiots, they creating 2 different ”Lifetime Hosting” products to catch more people.

They also giving bunsh of Bonuses who don’t really works or are completly useless.

Look by your self.

web hosting lifetime

Let’s Dive inside this commission structure:

50% of sales for direct clients

10% of sales by refered webmasters/marketers/affiliates

Cookie life: Lifetime

Payout: 60 days (we need to respect 30 days money back guarantee)

Min to get paid: $250

Cashout method: Interac, Crypto, Gcash, wire (min $500), we can send by any method just ask us.

(All commissions are paid in USD), if you have any other prefered payments let us know.



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